O bag: the contemporary, innovative Italian brand that has revolutionised the world of handbags and more.

The company was founded in 2009, based on the idea of Padua-based entrepreneur Michele Zanella to create the first “modular” watch consisting of an interchangeable mechanism and silicone strap.

In 2010, “O clock” was presented at Milan’s International Furniture Fair. Fun, colourful and affordable, the watch was soon distributed worldwide.

The success of “O clock” encouraged the entrepreneur to develop other accessories with the same innate feature: modularity.

Thus, "O bag" was born in 2012. The first ever fully modular bag, it soon became a hit with the female audience and established itself on the international fashion market.

O bag became an instant CULT: more than 6 million pieces were sold in just one year, allowing the company to register revenues for more than EUR 25 million.

Modularity became the hallmark of the brand, which soon began to develop many other models of handbags and watches and to expand its range of fashion accessories in collaboration with prestigious Italian designers: "O sun" sunglasses, "O hug" purses, "wallets” , “O shoes" and "O slippers”, and homeware such as the “O joy” lamps and the “O eat” lunch boxes.

Every O bag features the characteristic letter “O”, symbolising the three fundamental elements of the brand philosophy: ONE, ORIGINAL, OWN.


O bag bases its success on simplicity, team spirit, sustainability and enhancement of the local territory.

This young, dynamic, all-Italian company with an international reach is rooted in research, development, innovation and design, with a view to seizing new trends and developing them through a young but highly competent team.

Team spirit is a top priority, and the company’s enterprising Management is committed to making every aspect of the O bag - from product creation through to distribution and customer service - a point of excellence in the business and retail world, both in Italy and worldwide.

Today, O bag is present in more than 30 countries, with a network of over 100 either company-owned or franchise stores, as well as widespread wholesale coverage in over 300 multibrand stores.

O bag stores feature in the shopping malls and historical centres of leading cities in Italy and around the world.

Store concept is based on a simple, clean, streamlined layout that reflects the brand’s philosophy and enhances the product to offer customers the best shopping experience.


Over 2,000 sq.m. of office space, a 400 sq.m. showroom for the presentation of collections, a 500 sq.m. photographic studio.
The building was designed with the aim of creating a comfortable, stimulating work environment while communicating the philosophy of a company known for its vivacity and eye for the latest trends.